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Where does the tour start from?

Mainly from your hotel or from a central place in Helsinki. If the starting point is outside the city centre (a detail that you need to discuss in advance with the guide) an additional fee is included.


I would like to have a tour for my family. Is that possible?

Yes. We customize the tour for you. Our guides have good knowledge of great places for children in Helsinki. For example can we take you to the fortress island Suomenlinna.  

My physical condition is not very good, can I participate anyway?

Yes, as long as you don't have problems with your health (for example a disease or illness) that prevents you from jogging or walking. You can walk or run at your own speed and stop whenever you want if you choose a private tour. If you have any special medical conditions that may affect your participation in the tour, let us know in advance.


It is raining and very dark outside. Will the tour be carried out?

Yes, the tours are carried out in rain, wind, snowfall and sunshine so be sure you have suitable clothes and shoes.


Also in snowfall? What if it is very cold?

If the temperature is below minus 10 degrees (celcius) or if the wind is very freezing the guide can decide to cancel the tour or to change a jogging tour to a walking tour. In winter the streets of Helsinki can sometimes be quite icy and slippery. Also in that case the guide can decide to change a jogging tour into a walking or Nordic walking tour.

Do I participate at my own risk?

Yes. The jogging and walking tours involve physical activity and they take place near traffic and busy roads, which can be hazardous. Therefore you must certify that you accept the risks involved and will not hold the guides or The Jogging Guide responsible for any eventuality. 

I am planning to participate in the Helsinki City Marathon, can you show me the whole tour or parts of it?

Yes, it is possible to run in the same surroundings where the Helsinki City Marathon take place. But depending on your speed and the length of the tour, our guide might choose to join you on his or her bicycle.  

Are there tours all the year, every day?

Jogging Helsinki operates the whole year but not every day. We are usually closed around National holidays but you can ask for a tour anyway. 

I live permanently in Helsinki and would like to participate in tours on a regular basis. Is it possible?

Yes. We offer customized tours for companies, organisations and embassies. Regular customers are offered a discount.


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